Cutting plant

Barcelona meat industries | Meat company in Vic

Cárnicas Plácido SL is located in Taradell, near Vic, in the county of Osona. It is an area – the Plain of Vic – very well known for its cured meats and, above all, for its local cured sausage. It is a region with great stock-farming activity: meat companies and industries, meat distributors, cured meat manufacturers, pork cutting plants, etc. Meat products from the Plain of Vic are famous throughout Spain and internationally.

We have a cutting plant with the highest technology, allowing us to handle the raw material in the best possible way. Our cooling system keeps the ambient temperature at the levels required for handling meat materials with full health guarantees.

Our refrigerated warehouse has various cold stores for freezing, with a capacity of 400 tonnes, allowing us to meet all our customers’ needs. We also offer a high-quality frozen product, as we continuously subject the pieces of pork to a constant temperature.